About Me!!

CharlotteI’m Charlotte and just became a resent stay at home mom. I love every minute of it but find myself bored when my sons take there 3 hour nap. I know that I’m super lucky that they both take there nap around the same time for that long. But for me I’m a busy body and have no idea what to do with myself when they sleep. Everyone tells me I should nap when they do. And believe me some days I do! But most of the time I just can’t. My mind races. I do all my cleaning first thing in the morning when the little boogers are have breakfast and just barely waking up. So that’s out of the way…. Soooooo here I came up with “write a blog with what I normally do when they are asleep… Bake!” Thats why you get to see some of the stuff I come up with durning the day. Enjoy!!!


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