Mini Tulip Parchment Paper Liners

Super easy to do and will save alot of money. Buying tulip liners normally come in regular size but even then you get a small amount for way to much money. So I thought why not find out how to make them and share with you!!

I started off with cutting parchment paper into squares the size of four cups shown in the picture below


photo 10Then I used a McCormick Herb jar that fit perfectly into my mini muffin tin.
photo 1I placed the paper on top of one of the muffin holes and pushed the jar down, twisting in softly back and forth without tearing the paper. photo 2 photo 3I then took it out and with my hand just formed it a bit more to create the look I was going for.

photo 4Ta DA!!!! Perfect little mini tulip liners!!

photo 5Next  I will be making Cinnamon Rolls with my sons!! YUM


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